Dry cupping

Introduction to Dry cupping

Dry cupping is used as a modality within massage therapy, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Cups are placed on the musculoskeletal system to improve circulation, reducing tension and muscular spasms. Helping the body to promote cellular repair through improved blood flow. Dry cupping is used for muscular pain, inflammation and dysfunction and clients that receive the treatment report a reduction in pain and an increase in their range of motion. Along with a positive relaxation. 

Dry cupping benefits

Dry cupping involves the air inside a plastic or glass cup, which is suctioned or vacuumed on the skin. The cups can be used at rest or whilst carrying out movement on the body and is usually left on the skin for 10-15 minutes. 

Release scar tissue and fascial adhesions

Dry cupping can help release scar tissue and fascial adhensions.

Reduce painful trigger points

Dry cupping can help the reduction of painful trigger points around your body with regular sessions

Increases blood circulation at the point of injury

Dry cupping can help increase blood flow to the point of injury.

Relieve pain

Dry cupping can help relieve pain.

Promote mobility and range of motion

Improved mobility.

Decrease toxin

Dry cupping helps remove toxins from the body.

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